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17 juni 2020 09:38 av Rock Latham

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In my opinion, we know almost nothing about health, and as a result, we know little about healthy diets. And perhaps that’s the problem. Everyone has an opinion, but nobody has any useful facts. That goes for both meanings of the word ‘diet’.

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Within our cells lies the same intelligence that is driving billions of galaxies. Each cell has the same intelligence by which it is able to perform such complicated functions with such an ease. Each cell in the body is like an universe in itself. This intelligence is working all the time within us and can definitely re fine tune the parameters of our body that have gone out of order. We just have to set our priorities right and we can surely manage our health and our weight ,let these things be

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The above components if integrated properly would surely raise the self-healing abilities of our body. We should just have faith that there is a cosmic intelligence that has fine-tuned the entire universe eg. mass of electron, gravitational constant, electromagnetic constant, distance between earth and sun, composition of air that we breathe and millions of such parameters had to be exactly the same as they are for you and me to exist.

16 juni 2020 09:57 av California


37) Sex :- Have sex at-least once a week. Enjoy the touch of your partner , gaze into his/her eyes. Love, Appreciate and Respect your partner. Remember the first time your partner touched you and you got goosebumps? relive those moments , go to a new place and have one new honeymoon/year with the same partner (preferably)

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32) Wash Hands Regularly :- Get a sanitizer if required , keep washing your hands every 3–4 hours. Especially before eating and after loo/toilet.

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