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milkman. And before that? Well, in the latter part of the 1890s, it was the iceman who took the blame for leading women astray.

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inevitably ask. In the 1950s, when the local dairy made home deliveries, the same jokes circulated about the milkman. And before that? Well, in the latter part of the

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THERE’S A TASTELESS WISECRACK PEOPLE sometimes make about kids with a different hair color than their father. “Does the mailman have red hair?” some jokester will

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to say, ‘Oh, peasants—what a horrible life they led,’” Janega says. “They had really hard work, and life was difficult. But they were also really into having fun.

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Ultimately, the peasants of Europe in the Middle Ages loved many of the same things we do today, except with a particular penchant for communal brawls. “It’s wrong

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drank beer. Many actually brewed beer in their own homes, and made other fermented drinks, like brandy, out of pears or plums.

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And, of course, peasants everywhere shared in that one eternal pastime that began long before them—and may outlive us all: drinking. While lords drank wine, peasants

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And when seasonal fruits came to harvest, they binged on berries and drupes. “For a medieval peasant, cherries were really the good stuff,” Janega says.

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26 oktober 2019 15:07 av https://hansolel.co.kr/theking/


“Peasants were kind of obsessed with spring,” Janega says, referencing the many poems and songs that villagers would write in homage to their favorite season.

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26 oktober 2019 15:06 av https://hansolel.co.kr


fishing, and swimming. Many of them also took advantage of seasonal gifts, such as gardening in the spring and eating fruits in the summer.

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